Track Premiere: Revenant Marquis “Ephebiphobia”

Revenant Marquis

“Taken from Revenant Marquis’ fourth long play release Youth in Ribbons this is for those of a strong constitution and requires the listener to truly reaffirm their allegiance to the Devil.”

So says Revenant Marquis’ sole proprietor of evil Revenant Marquis to Decibel. After a few spins, we’re not sure if “Ephebiphobia” is a new contract with the Devil or merely noisy, ghostly black metal from the fog of Moorland, where old and older things creep through Cambrian Mountains looking for unfortunate prey. Indeed, Revenant Marquis brand of black metal isn’t going to win over kids into the polished type, but certainly the lo-fi contingent will find sadistic pleasure in the wobbly “production” and Revenant Marquis’ tortured dungeon vocals. If there’s one thing that separates Revenant Marquis from the other purveyors of monochromatic malignant art, it’s the often single “melodic” line that cuts through the noise, the fuzz, and the over-driven double bass. It’s not often played well, but it gives “Ephebiphobia” an identity, a thing to hook on to, as if pulled into the nether by some unnatural force.

Limited to 300 copies worldwide, Revenant Marquis’ new album, Youth in Ribbons is bound for Discogs price gouging within minutes of release. But, those of the unlight and masters of the night, Decibel is providing an advanced listen by premiering “Ephebiphobia.” Time to float…

** Revenant Marquis’ new album, Youth in Ribbons, is out January 20th, 2020 on Inferna Profundus Records. Pre-orders of this infernal demon are HERE.