Video Premiere: Mortiis – “A Dark Horizon”

Today we’re pleased to bring our readers this premiere of the latest video from the once and future king of dark dungeon music, Mortiis. It was only last week that our J. Bennet was chatting it up with the Norwegian producer, and already Mortiis is back in the news. 

photo by Soile Sirrtola

“For the ‘A Dark Horizon’ video I decided to team up again with director Ari Savonen in order to create a similar dark and mysterious mood we previously captured with the “Visions Of an Ancient Future” video,” writes Mortiis. “That first video symbolised the re-awakening of Mortiis (era I) which is continued by the new video so to speak.”

Mortiis continues, describing the “intense” shooting conditions the video and its director demanded. “I had just come off a flight from Poland where I played a couple of shows and went straight to the set in Finland,” says Mortiis, who adds that “winter had clearly arrived” in Finland. “Since we were shooting in an abandoned old factory and my new outfit basically consists of pieces of latex on my upper body, spending hours filming in a chilly factory environment basically meant I was freezing my butt off pacing around half-naked trying not to die. The things I do in the name of art …”

Mortiis didn’t freeze his butt off in vain. The video for “A Dark Horizon” emphasize the darkness, bringing together something like Clive Barker’s Nightbreed and The Dark Crystal. Suffice to say, the king is back . . .

“A Dark Horizon”


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