Full Album Stream: Helleborus – “Saprophytic Divinations”

Black metal quartet Helleborus have an ear for the epic, something they demonstrate frequently on new album Saprophytic Divinations. Throughout the record, Helleborus unleash a particularly icy strain of the genre, building a foreboding and sinister atmosphere.

Saprophytic Divinations is a diverse record within its black metal framework. Through tempo changes, technicality, melody and the occasional symphonic passage, as well as significantly better production, Helleborus have vastly improved on every element of 2016’s The Carnal Sabbath.

“Our roots reach deeper into our esoteric works with Saprophytic Divinations,” Helleborus tell Decibel. “We are one step closer to the Poison Path. It will kill us or liberate our soul. We keep treading forward though darkness, myth, folklore and spirit embracing faith, fire and devotion.”

You can listen to Saprophytic Divinations below. It’s out December 6 on Redefining Darkness.