Full Album Stream: Plague Dogs – “II”

It’s been seven long years since Philadelphia’s crustiest thrash/speed metal crew Plague Dogs released their self-titled debut. Despite the long delay between releases, Plague Dogs haven’t lost any of the filth or fire from their first EP; in fact, it’s just the opposite.

The speed and aggression are upped significantly on aptly-titled second EP II. While there’s plenty of worship for bands like Motörhead, Tragedy, Venom and Tank, there’s also a sense of fresh urgency on songs like “Shield of Lies,” “Swarm of Flies” and “Human Dissolved.” That comes largely from II‘s modern-sounding production, courtesy of Total Fucking Destruction guitarist Dan O’Hare, and the healthy dose of speed throughout the album.

II is out December 6 via Pleasure Records, but you can stream the whole thing now.