Track Premiere: Evadne – “Colossal”

Evadne band photo

Spanish doom/death gloomcasters Evadne have been crafting the soundtrack for your seasonal affective disorder since forming in 2003. Evadne’s initial In the Bitterness of our Souls demo hinted at the sonic anguish to come. But the band’s earnest approach to gothic funeral death coalesced in their knockout record A Mother Named Death in 2017. Their songwriting has become more ethereal and patient, their melodies soulful and morose. With an oppressively emotional heaviness to match the guitars, fans of My Dying Bride and Saturnus should consider Evadne the heirs of sorrow.

Notable doom label Funere gives this band their due with the upcoming Dethroned of our Souls compilation, set for release on December 5th. The compilation will contain the sold out demo mentioned above, as well as a cover of Officium Triste’s “Like Atlas.” It will also include a remixed and remastered version of Evadne’s Dethroned of Light EP. Below, you can exclusively stream a live session of “Colossal” off that very EP.  From the song’s first fragile keys to the downcast harmonized leads, “Colossal” is appropriately titanic in size and scope. Despite the track’s 9 minute duration it’s a gripping example of Evadne at their heart-wrenching best.

“[The song] is a reflection about all those people that live in complete solitude in a doomed world,” Evadne share in a statement. “The weight of their lonely lives and the loss of their illusions is the extreme pressure they have to endure on their shoulders. Those people deprived of all hope, all of them dethroned of their light.”

Block out the sun for 9 straight minutes by streaming Evadne’s “Colossal” below. Listen to it exclusively available before Funere releases Dethroned of our Souls on December 5th. Enter their black womb of light and press play NOW.

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