Blast Worship: Snitchgrinder

Where they from?
New York, New York. I moved to Brooklyn back in September and besides being immediately asked to be on a dating podcast, I have noticed that Brooklyn, despite the efforts of gentrification, does have a rather robust up-and-coming metal scene, which occasionally can produce some really cool shows. I still wished they moshed as hard here as they do in Philly or on the west coast or literally anywhere else to be quite honest, but I’ll consider that a work-in-progress for the time being. They definitely went off when I saw Jesus Piece here in August, but I felt like most of those people were from New Jersey, or at least they smelled like it.

What do they sound like?
Northern Cali crust grind with that sweet east coast hipster shine.

Why the hype?
Last week I decided to go to a local grind show in Brooklyn at the last minute to support my boys in Ixias. I saw that the opening band was called Snitchgrinder and very much assumed they would be terrible, but it turns out, I was wrong! Not only that but I did not realize their guitarist is none other than Sam Hernandez, guitarist for the now defunct (and Blast Worship favorite) Your Enemy! Apparently last year Sam moved from her native Oakland to Brooklyn and started Snitchgrinder. This was my first time seeing Sam’s guitar playing live and all I can say is “HOLY SHIT, THAT TONE.” One of the most brutal guitar tones I have ever witnessed in person, absolutely crushing, as all of the hatred in the city of Oakland was summed up into one amp. And, no, THERE WAS NOT AN HM-2 PEDAL IN SIGHT!

Latest Release?
Split with Time of Chaos released back in June of this year. This record is a nice evolution from Sam’s previous work with Your Enemy: The main element is still crust west coast grind but the music is allowed to breath a little bit more and it makes for some seriously memorable moments such as the caveman stomp in “Erasure of Being.” I also really think the Snitchy crew do the dual vocal approach really well with drummer Calder providing the menacing lows and Sam producing some seriously harsh highs. My favorite track is easily “Slaughter Exhibitionist” with its stop/start intro and eventual descent into yet another caveman groove. Really excited to finally have such an excellent grindcore unit which Brooklyn can now claim as it’s own. Now, START MOSHING!