Full Album Stream: Casket Huffer – “Filth Ouroboros”

Most people who want to get high do the “reasonable” thing and huff the fumes from household cleaning supplies. Casket Huffer aren’t most people, though. They’re three sick horror freaks from the midwest and they huff caskets. Perhaps that’s why the trio of musicians sounds so evil on Filth Ouroboros.

At their core, Casket Huffer are a black/death metal band, ripping through eight songs without pause. Digging past that black/death core, Filth Ouroboros exposes a crawling, sludgy core present on tracks like “Genocide Thralls” and the album’s title track. The slower pacing of these songs creates a sinister, almost ritualistic, atmosphere that is amplified by the faster pacing throughout the majority of the album.

Filth Ouroboros is a filthy, dark album. There is no detour into mellower territory and no break from the tremolo-picked bursts, layers of sludge and gross vocals that define Casket Huffer’s sound. Just unadulterated, ugly death like only three guys in black sunglasses can produce.

Hibernation Release releases Filth Ouroboros tomorrow, but you can stream the whole thing via Decibel right now.