Full Album Stream: Fuil na Seanchoille – ‘The Crossing’

Beginning as a solo mission in 2008 by the underground Irish musician Satyrign, Fuil na Seanchoille first released two demo tapes then a full length tape in 2011 before dissolving into the night as abruptly as they had spawned. The following year, Me Saco Un Ojo compiled the first two FnS demos onto 12” vinyl records. 

These circumstances would’ve consigned most works to utter obscurity, but seven years later and the name Fuil na Seanchoille reads familiar to the underground black metal stalwart. Because of the unique and timelessly rewarding sound of both Hunger, their debut full length, and the self-titled compilation, Fuil na Seanchoille stand as a solidified monument in modern essential black metal. 

Though many surely hoped, no one could have expected that Fuil na Seanchoille would ever release another album. Yet here we are at The Crossing

Just shy of half an hour, The Crossing is a single track opus full of plenty more surprises. Unfortunately Satyrign could not be reached for comment as he is currently “in the middle of fucking nowhere in Northern Tasmania” without his “proper computer.” In fact, we were barely able to procure the full stream from him. Regardless we are psyched to host this advanced full album stream of Fuil na Seanchoille’s mighty return.


The Crossing


Get The Crossing on 12” vinyl from Me Saco Un Ojo.

Get The Crossing on cassette from Tour De Garde.