Track Premiere: Diabolic Night – “In Retribution”

Diabolic Night photo

There’s a long, dubious history of advertisements setting inaccurate expectations for quality and results. But the cover of Diabolic Night‘s new full-length record of seraphim-slashing anthems (Beyond the Realm) is the rare exception. With active volcanoes and angel death-matches surrounding a moonlit castle, the painting perfectly captures the sound and fury of the band’s debut LP. Started as a solo project back in 2013, Diabolic Night began as a blackened intersection of fire-breathing NWOBHM and weaponized thrash on the Sepulchral Magic EP. Band mastermind Heavy Steeler has since recruited assistance on the drums, and the song structures have become more elegant without sacrificing ferocity. Diabolic Night have carved out there own kingdom somewhere in the battleground between Angel Witch, demo-era Running Wild, and black ‘n’ roll executioners Midnight.

Beyond the Realm‘s “In Retribution” reveals Diabolic Night turning their crimson-eyed gaze towards hastened balladry. The designation “mid-paced” is all relative, especially in speed metal. But like Midnight have changed paces with “Woman of Flame” and “Before My Time in Hell,” Diabolic Night decorate “In Retribution” and “Odyssey” with just enough bittersweet melody and ornate riffage to separate from their usual rapid-fire savagery and infernal power. The track overflows with atmosphere, and the song’s central thrust feels like it gallops out of heavy fog and battlefield smoke. Meanwhile, Steeler’s reverb-drenched howls ring out like war commands atop his barbed guitar licks.

“[This song] is the third track premiere of the upcoming debut and describes the endless fight between good and evil,”Diabolic Night share in a statement. “Play at maximum volume!”

Stream Diabolic Night’s “In Retribution” exclusively here at Decibel before Beyond the Realm is released from High Roller Records and Mortal Rite Records on November 15th. Reach for the night and press play below.

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