Integrity and Bleach Everything Join Forces for Split Cover LP

When dark hardcore legends Integrity join forces with Bleach Everything, it’s guaranteed to be a good time. SDK x RFTCC isn’t just a split between the two bands, however—Septic Death Karaoke x Rocket From The Crypt Covers sees the two acts put a modern spin on Septic Death and Rocket From the Crypt songs.

Integrity—Dwid Hellion and Dom Romeo on this recording—are up first, paying tribute to Septic Death. The five songs on Integrity’s half of the split utilize Septic Death source material, with Hellion and Romeo overdubbing their own guitar and vocal parts. The end result is a rawer and more aggressive side of Integrity.

“Septic Death were one of the most invigorating and inspiring bands that I came across as a young punk-rock enthusiast in the early 1980s,” Hellion told No Echo when discussing the song “Thaw (Cold World).” “Their artwork, the lyrics, the music all captured my young imagination and set me onto a path of horror-inspired extreme music. These recordings are my way of sharing the passion that Septic Death brought to me with all of you. I hope that you will feel the dark recesses of Septic Death begin to haunt your imagination as they did mine.”

Bleach Everything’s tribute Rocket From the Crypt is a significantly more melodic and singalong-able affair than Integrity’s take on Septic Death—and it features unexpected guests. Power Trip’s Riley Gale performs guest vocals for “On a Rope” alongside All-American Rejects singer Mike Kennerty. Throughout, Bleach Everything dedicate themselves to adding their own flair with speed, psychedelia and other modifications.

SDK x RFTCC could only be released on one day: Halloween. Get your pre-orders in via Dark Operative and check out a few songs from the split below.