Full Album Stream: Sepsis – “Interdimensional Decay”

After a demo tape and a follow-up 3 song promo tape, California’s Sepsis erupt from the death metal underground on a corpse-strewn wave of effluvium that sounds like Impetigo and Autopsy in a bare hands fight to the death. A grisly and disgusting collection of songs, the young quartet’s debut, called Interdimensional Decay, defiles death metal itself. Indeed, some death metal passers-by may find the production offensively raw, the approach too unrefined. Not us here at Decibel HQ. We heartily approve of this filth! The riffs sound like instruments designed for cutting through flesh doing just that; the drums hit like a blinding concussion; the vocals rattle with no mean amounts of phlegm as they spew out their necrotic shibboleth. Track after track, these troubled young Californians smash through your expectations to deliver one of the gnarliest debuts you’ll hear this year. 

The band themselves call Interdimensional Decay, a “greasy slab of IQ lowering Death Metal . . . packed with insane drumming, monstrous vocals, heavy bass lines, and riffs that will melt your face. Every second of the album is raw, deadly, and overall filthy. Prepare for a nasty, brutal, and aggressive Death Metal attack.”

Interdimensional Decay

Interdimensional Decay comes out today on limited edition cassettes from Desert Wasteland Productions.