Full Album Stream: Temple ov Perversion – ‘Temple ov Perversion’

They may not sound like it, but Temple ov Perversion are a new band. After releasing a two song rehearsal tape last year, the Swiss quintet have returned with four brand new shockers of intensely authentic first wave-style black metal violence. Opening with an instrumental jammer (headbanging mandatory), Temple ov Perversion’s self-titled debut EP immediately gets right down to the raucous black metal bacchanal, replete with King Diamond-esque squeals, viciously pounding drums and tremolo-picked conjurations of Satan. 

“Temple ov Perversion is our idea of raw and violent music,” claims the band themselves. “Recorded in 2016 with a different line up than today these four songs represent the initial direction of the band and lay the foundation for further work. This EP is the first studio recording and a first idea of what acoustic mayhem is yet to come.”

Today it is our privilege to host this stream of Temple ov Perversion’s stunning debut. 

Temple ov Perversion


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