Video Premiere: Blackthorne – ‘Fiending for the Anxious’

On October 25th, the Twin Cities-based blackened hardcore quintet known as Blackthorne will release their self-titled LP through a variety of independent labels including Nefarious Industries, JEMS, 5nakefork Records, and the band’s own Damien Records.

Recorded and mixed by Bruce Woullet, Blackthorne was originally released last year on cassette, but this new, extended LP version comes with five additional songs. With artwork and layout by Mark McCoy, Blackthorne’s debut LP bangs out fifteen tracks of punk-leaning extreme metal in just about as many minutes. 

Today we present to our readers this exclusive premiere of the video for Blackthorne’s second track, Shot by Joel Anderson (ex-Disembodied). According to vocalist Travis Bos: “Most of this album reflects on a lot of negativity in life, pop culture, politics, interactions with everyday folks and so on. This song, while vague, is still fairly to the point when it comes to explaining the power of people’s words. Specifically those who choose to weaponize them, as the lyrics explain in a way that’s for their own self benefit with no care of what the outcome might be. We see this in movements that people get involved with, politicians, celebrities, even your family or friends. The title references those who enjoy, if not get off on using their influence on those who are quite anxious to follow them.”

“Fiending for the Anxious”


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