Full Album Stream: Sanctvs – “Mors Aeterna”

Sanctvs is the work of one Mortheos. Little else is known about the black deathmongering Canadian operation that’s recently come out from hiding, bearing with them a six song debut album of staggering heaviness, hellish speed and abyssal power. Opening with an organ and sonorous Latin incantations, Mors Aeterna wastes no time in smothering your environment with a pallid and incense smoke-filled aridity before swarming you with frenzied black metal riffs like so many gnawing vampire bats. Swathed in keyboards, but powered by a predatorial satanic energy, Sanctvs sound hellbent for underworld domination.

“‘Mors Aeterna’ represents the glorification and triumph of Death over mortality,’ says Mortheos. “Darkness, which lies beyond our consciousness, manifested in music. The victory of the Eternal and Transcendent against the futility of existence.”

“Mors Aeterna”

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