Formless Master Greets You at the “Fatal Impasse”

There’s a certain childlike joy and elation that’s unique to grindcore. Other styles of extreme music are just as brutal, yes, but not in the same unhinged manner as a blasting, screaming chaotic fury comes hurtling toward your stupid face.

If that sounds like a good time to you, prepare yourself and assume the position for Formless Master. This new force, made up of members of Gridlink, Deterioration and Invidiosus, will unleash their first round of attack on November 15 via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Check out “Fatal Impasse” below from First Strike, and revel in it’s purely vicious but impressively dynamic approach.

I only wish the band made the track “Powerful Front Kick” available as well so I could make more martial arts puns. Alas

Pre-order the album here.