Demo:listen: Cemetarian

Cemetarian come from Texas. A four-piece featuring members of Blaspherion, Thy Feeble Savior, Oath of Cruelty, and formerly Warmaster, Cemetarian play that kind of ultraviolent and unpolished, permanently underground death metal. Their three song demo, titled simply and awesomely Tomb of Morbid Stench, sounds like the work of seasoned musicians, but it’s still shocking to find out that, according to Cemetarian guitarist Francisco Pulido, Cemetarian have “only been active a few months at this point.” 

Pulido goes on to explain that he and drummer Matt Heffner found themselves “wanting to write some heavy death metal,” and that’s how Cemetarian began. “I wrote a couple of songs and we got together and arranged them,” Pulido says. “We had no plans at that time other than keep writing more tracks . . . When I wrote the riffs to our songs I was influenced by demos and early ep’s of Mexican death metal bands Cenotaph and Shub Niggurath as well as Finnish bands like Funebre and Purtenance, Avulsion, US death metal bands like Putrifact, Necrotion, and Swedish bands like the Anatomia Corporis Humani demo by Grave and Putrefaction demo. You can see what we want to do by those influences.  That’s the stuff I listened to growing up and still listen to. All we wanted was to have a good sounding demo that was heavy and catchy.” 

Tomb of Morbid Stench

Cemetarian’s demo rages as the corrosive tone riffs are riddled with groove and mania by the batshit ballistic drumming. Heffner’s resumé reads impressively, but he show some true range on this demo, especially on the title track. 

“Matt kills it on the drums for sure,” Pulido agrees. “I write riffs that make me want to bulldoze over a crowd of wimpfucks . . . Matt comes in and adds his style to the songs. We both work well together so songs come together rather quickly and easily once I present him the riffs.”

The riffs and drums annihilate everything within earshot, but the vocals are downright disgusting. If they’re also familiar-sounding, that’s because none other than ex-Warmaster vocalist Daniel Shaw is responsible for those bowel-churning phlegmy serenades that infect Cemetarian’s demo. 

“After we had 4 songs written, we asked Daniel if he wanted to join in on recording some vocals since we figured he would fit perfectly for what we were doing,” Pulido explains. “When you hear Daniel’s vocals, you know it’s Daniel.  He definitely helps set us apart from a lot of bands that seem to be sharing the same vocalist.” 


According to Pulido, Tomb of Morbid Stench “was recorded by [their] friend Brandon Bowers on his mobile studio in Cemetarian’s practice room.” Pulido says the demo was produced by the band and Bowers together, adding that it turned out exactly how they wanted it to. Vocalist Daniel Shaw executed the demo tape’s artwork. 

“The demo will be released in the US by the new label Visions of a Crippled Mind on cassette,” Pulido says. “It will also be released by Unholy Domain Records (Italy) and Happy Records (Malaysia) on cassette for the maniacs in those areas. Clandestine Productions (Mexico) will release the demo on CD which will include one bonus track.”

Also planned for Cemetarian’s future, Pulido says: “We have 2 split EPs planned with Absconder from Chicago and Leprophiliac from Spain. Both of those bands kill so check them out! We will continue to write more fucking death metal!”

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