Track Premiere: Krater – ‘Stellar Sparks’

German black metallers Krater launched their career in 2004, and released their first full length two years later. Their sophomore album, 2011’s Nocebo, represented a slight change in their approach to black metal. Now with their new album, a 9-track, seamless opus of guitar-driven, epic atmospheric black metal, Krater are more ambitious, but sound more locked-in than ever. We’re excited to premiere this brand new song from Krater’s impending fourth album.

“‘Stellar Sparks’ represents the third song we wrote for Venenare,” says the band.It is the first ever song written by longtime guitarist Ibbur for Krater, written back in 2017. It’s a compact, linear, straightforward black metal song that experiments with some different voice-styles and stands for the farewell to the ones we lost and that will die on our way. 

“[The song] follows the steps of a person, carrying the ashes of a dead one to the top of a mountain, to spread it there. Every step up the mountain is a step back to the stars. Bitterness is feeding the will to keep striving forward, with our inner divinity and the knowledge that we all are meaningless and worthless.”

“Stellar Sparks”


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