Album Premiere: Ossuaire ‘Derniers Chants’


French black metal has had its zenith. Now, it’s time or French-Canadian black metal to have its way with God and his forlorn acolytes. Starting with Montréal-based black metal outfit, Ossuaire, the northern grim black of French Canada has its crown prince. Not forgetting the works of and contributions to black metal by Forteresse, Csejthe, Monarque, and Sorcier des Glaces here, but our focus is on the dark, raw, atmospheric brilliance Ossuaire, who are about to issue Derniers Chants, their first album since companion effort, Premiers Chants, earlier this year, and 2016’s frost-blast EP, La Diatribe Infernale.

Say Ossuaire: “With Derniers Chants, we had the ambition of developing further our universe of usurpation and conquest, so it was natural for us to make it a continuation of the previous chapter (Premiers Chants) by offering a deeply furious Black Metal. Conceptually, our music is focused around a challenge of the order established by the Christian Church, ultimately marked by the end of an era and the beginning of another. We thus set out to express the album’s grand conclusion with acoustic and atmospheric passages, among other things. We hope that listeners will be immersed in the oppressing aura we are looking to convey, and that they will continue to appreciate the album’s lyrics and stories, which are voicing the unease, the resistance and the refusal rising to meet this Adversary. This album bears our utmost heretical markings, but if Derniers Chants prophesizes an end in itself, it absolutely does not heralds the end of Ossuaire!”

With flames ablaze, crosses destroyed, and Ossuaire blowing hard the cold winds of nowhere, Decibel and Sepulchral Productions hereby present the full-album stream of Derniers Chants.

NOTE: Use the vertical scroll bar on the player to cycle through the songs. Hail!

** Ossuaire’s new album, Derniers Chants, is out October 15th on Montréal-based label Sepulchral Productions. Pre-orders are HERE if you dare!