Album Premiere: Aegrus ‘In Manus Satanas’


“Aegrus is emerging with a renewed line-up to bring forth our third album In Manus Satanas, which represents the deep devotion to the Devil with its dark powerful riffs and cold melodies. The album is forged with the black flame burning evermore stronger, and stands as the culmination of our journey traveled thus far.”

Indeed, a similar statement has been made and offered by many bands under the Devil’s command. But unlike the average Satanist, Finns in Aegrus are putting their hardened anti-Christian beliefs into their music. Every riff, roar, drum battering, or passage is imbued with the power of the Dark Lord himself. New album, In Manus Satanas, is eight songs of full-on evil and hate; from opener “Hymn to the Firewinged One” to the closing title track, Aegrus’ third album is a fiery emblem to the active and billowing furnaces of Hell!

As a call to battle, Decibel and Saturnal Records have teamed up to ready our forces of the unlight. We hereby present the full album stream of Aegrus’ inimitable In Manus Satanas as our soundtrack to the very ends of eschaton. As Italian poet Dante Alighieri once proclaimed, “The path to hell begins in paradise.” Welcome to paradise, legions!

** Aegrus’ new album, In Manus Satanas, is out October 11th on Saturnal Records. Pre-orders are HERE for CDs, bundles, and t-shirts. Suomi Finland Perkele!!!