Full Album Stream: Black Knife – “Spell Caster”

Since forming in 2016, Kentucky-based trio Black Knife have torn through the underground with their violent and raucous blend of black metal, punk and speed metal. First came their self-titled demo, nine malicious chain whips, then Black Knife found themselves in like-minded sleazy company when they released splits with Japanese black thrash legends Abigail and New England black metal boozers Lustrum. Now Black Knife come armed with their debut full length, Spell Caster

Black Knife guitarist/vocalist Hellwulv describes Spell Caster as “venomous metal punk blazing a path to Hell!” Hellwulv says Black Knife take “influence from black metal, thrash and punk” and make it their own “fanged beast.” He adds that Black Knife are looking to play out as much as possible, and will soon be releasing a music video for Spell Caster’s opening track, “Drag You to Hell.”

Spell Caster

Spell Caster is available now on CD from Husk Records.

Vinyl version in cooperation with Husk, Jems & 5nakefork coming in December.

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