Full Album Stream: IATT – ‘Nomenclature’

Philly’s best kept secret — apart from whatever the mysterious liquid that puddles on street corners in Chinatown, of course – are progressive black/death metallers IATT (formerly I Am the Trireme; now pronounced “eye at”). If you’ve been reading the site for a while, you might remember we clued you in back in July with the first single, “Arsenic Ways,” from the band’s new LP Nomenclature. Well, if you missed out, we can now catch you up with a full album stream of Nomenclature two days before its official September 27 release date. But first let the the band provide some valuable context on this new beast of a record.

“We’ve really pushed ourselves with the album. We dug deep with Nomenclature to create a unique, cohesive album that reflects the evolution of IATT and our trajectory. We challenged ourselves compositionally and feel we’ve come out the other end of this album as better musicians and a tighter unit; expanding in some areas, growing and maturing in familiar ones, and focusing in on what makes us IATT with scalpel-like precision.”

You can (and still should!) pre-order Nomenclature in Europe here and in the U.S. here.