Track Premiere: Unaussprechlichen Kulten – ‘The Evil Out of Control’

Santiago’s Unaussprechlichen Kulten will release their fifth studio album this October. Teufelsbücherof (meaning ‘The Book of the Devil’ in German) counts six brand new zigguratian and erudite songs of mindbreaking depth and realization. Few bands compare to these Chilean weird death wielders when it comes to presenting fresh DM that’s both brutal and occult. 

Teufelsbücherof was recorded earlier this year, in Santiago, at DM6 Studio by Pablo Clares. The breath-stealing artwork for the album is an oil on canvas painting by Chilean artist Rodrigo Pereira Salvatierra Calama. And today, Decibel has the immense pleasure of hosting a track premiere for the first song on the new Unaussprechlichen Kulten album. 

“The lyrics of this song talk about curiosity, and the danger that is exposed to those who go into Necromancy, even in spiritism, just like the character in the Lovecraft story (Charles Dexter Ward),” says UK frontman Joseph Curwen. “This can even be recognized by a famous current exorcist: ‘when one calls a soul in a spiritualist session, in reality, a demon can come. A demon who can possess the one who invokes him or who can deceive him by speaking with the one who does spiritism’ (Exorcística J.A Fortea). It’s a universal message, as the lyrics of MERCYFUL FATE say in ‘A Dangerous Meeting’: ‘Not to play with the powers of Hell.’

Musically you can find references from the old Deicide, to agonic melodies bordering on the old Greek tradition, of course all in a rotten gale of rot and disharmony[.]”

From Teufelsbücherof, out this October on CD and vinyl LP formats from Iron Bonehead, this is “The Evil Out of Control.”


Get Teufelsbücherof October 19th from Iron Bonehead.