Track Premiere: Aggressive Perfector – ‘Chains of Black Wrath’

On their forthcoming debut album, English speed metal trio Aggressive Perfector reanimate the corpse of early 80s NWOBHM by shooting it full of guitar-driven, evil blackened thrash with pure acid vocals. Sometime after releasing a demo cassette called Satan’s Heavy Metal three years ago, Aggressive Perfector set to writing Havoc at the Midnight Hour. They were years well spent, as Havoc at the Midnight Hour’s eight tracks rip, shock, and always get you bangin’ along. Havoc at the Midnight Hour comes out this fall on Dying Victims, and looms like an absolute must-hear album of 2019. 

Today Decibel is psyched to host an exclusive track premiere from Havoc at the Midnight Hour. Aggressive Perfector themselves say: 

“Chewing up road through a Mad Max nightmare, track number two from ‘HAVOC AT THE MIDNIGHT HOUR’ is ‘The Chains of Black Wrath’. A turbo-charged soundtrack to outrunning gangs of motorised psychopaths out on the open road, ‘Chains’ shows Aggressive Perfector at their blood-thirsty best; twisting and turning, pedal to the metal, until it gets ploughed into a wall at full speed and explodes in a fireball of pure righteousness.”



Get Havoc at the Midnight Hour CD, vinyl LP, and digitally November 22nd from Dying Victims.