Track Premiere: Sepsis- “Facial Deformities”

Fall is approaching, bringing its array of colors and other beauties, but let’s not forget what’s really beneath the reds, yellows and oranges you see before you: death, rot and decay. And just in time for this annual withering ceremony comes another slab of dirty death metal via Camo Pants Records.

This week’s offering comes from Santa Cruz’s Sepsis, devotees of Autopsy, Exhumed, Lost Paradise-era Paradise Lost and Symphonies of Sickness-era Carcass. And man, is this track raw as hell! And thank goodness! The band’s lo-fi approach perfectly captures the menacing quality so essential to old-school death metal. And the band also has a great mind for variation, as “Facial Deformities” shows a mix of tempos and riffs.

Also, the band members are all still in high school. And they’re making awesome, exciting and ripping death metal. I’m calling it now, these kids have a bright (er…dark?) future ahead of them.

Fittingly, pre-orders of the band’s debute album, Interdimensional Decay, will begin on Friday the 13th via Camo Pants Records and Desert Wasteland Productions.