Track Premiere: Cain – ‘Crucify’

I’m not gonna front — I had no idea who the fuck Cain were when Rise Above head honcho Lee Dorrian informed me of his plans to reissue the band’s 1992 self-titled album. When I learned that the record was only initially available in a micro pressing from a tiny label and has become something of a cult doom release over the the years, I didn’t feel quite as lame. Formed by Doom (the crust punk band) members Johnny and Pete, Cain’s approach to doom (the genre) had little to do with Sabbath and was more a product of the harshest most depressing elements of Loop and Godflesh. Think of them as an even crustier, more dynamic version of Winter. Anyway, you can get hip to that 1992 sound right now with the track “Crucify” while you wait for the full Rise Above reissue to surface on September 13.