Track Premiere: H.P. Lovecraft/Fabio Frizzi — “Night-Gaunts”

In the market for nightmare fuel and perfect storms of sublime weirdness?

Look no further than I Notturni Di Yuggoth, a galvanizing and eerie resurrection of H.P. Lovecraft’s poetry that marks the latest collaboration between consistently captivating/groundbreaking “spoken arts” label Cadabra Records, legendary Italian maestro Fabio Frizzi — who achieved immortality via scores for perception obliterating Lucio Fulci flicks such as Zombi 2 (1979), City of the Living Dead (1980), and The Beyond (1981) — and attention-commanding voice artist/H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society co-founder Andrew Leman.

“The poems of H. P. Lovecraft create magic effects, like all his work,” Frizzi tells Decibel. “And the constraint to this more cryptic, more conceptual literary form gives its stories an extraordinary, disruptive evocative force. My two souls, the classic one and the rock one, have bowed to these little great masterpieces. My beloved instrument, the guitar, and my emotions, to accompany, discreetly, these moments of inner reflection.”

If neither that nor the harrowing cover art of Jeremy Hush…nor liner notes by Frizzi himself…nor the audacious guitar work of Riccardo Rocchi is enough to send you scrambling to the Cadabra store when preorders go live Friday August 30 at noon, check out our exclusive stream of “Night-Gaunts” below while you contemplate your apparent allergy to jaw-dropping, envelope-pushing awesomeness.