Video Premiere: Expain’s “They Live”

Vancouver’s Expainwho we have given previous mention to on the site – has a new EP entitled Pinching Nerves available for free download from their Bandcamp site. The EP is the first to feature new vocalist Sean Ip and guitarist Eli Slamang and is another release of quirky thrash that blenderizes melodic punk bands with metallic leanings into the mix. Cock your ears in the right direction and you can hear the likes of Propaghandi, Strung Out, Shai Hulud and the like.

Today, we’re premiering the band’s new video, “They Live” and instead of asking them to comment on the video, we decided to throw down some of what we noticed over the course of its 4:16 running time.

0:19-0:24 – Vocalist does fastest shirt change in history.

0:37– Vocalist crowned second runner-up in Gilbert Gottfried look-a-like contest.

0:44 – The point I realized they filmed this/are playing in someone’s loft apartment.

1:12 – Now it’s time to really rock!

1:25 – The Gimp is in the house! It’s really time to rock!

1:30 – Party gets temporarily put on hold while they return to their unwitting tribute to Sacrifice’s “Reanimation” video.

2:20 – Time to rage again!

2:22 – 2:26 – The Gimp is taking no prisoners and shielding the fact that too many people in Vancouver have too many holes in their pants. It’s not that warm out in Lotus Land, is it?

2:30 – Drummer crowned second runner-up in Gonzo Sandoval (Armored Saint’s drummer) look-a-like contest.

2:34-2:39 – The Gimp auditions for Expain.

2:54 – Tongue wagging and sunglasses removal: these bearded dudes draw attention from the bass player’s few bars of showcase.

3:05-3:37 – “If no one is going to answer the studio door on the day I’m supposed to do my guest solo, I’ll just crash the video shoot. It’s what Gene Simmons would do.”

3:48 – Apparently, The Gimp’s audition was successful

4:09-4:16 – The look on the bass player’s face screams, “Alright, we’re done here. Everyone out of my apartment!”


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And here’s a guitar playthrough of “Corridors of the Mind” featuring Voivod’s Dan Mongrain

And for Canadian shits ‘n’ giggles, here’s Sacrifice’s “Reanimation”