Track Premiere: Goatess ‘Dunerider’


Beyond the purple and blue sand dunes of planet Superunknown there’s a caravan beyond redemption whose nomadic peoples are high on infinity. Some might think they were born too late. Others, the church within, predict a day of reckoning for the peoples without a home. The mob rules always, it seems. But the elusive truth is and always will be that the road less travelled is the most rewarding. As the caravan ventures into new Jerusalem they beg to, “Let us pray.” Indeed, for the denizens of eternal movement, the spirit needs to be replenished. Grief’s eternal flower is perpetually in bloom in the chapel of the black hand. There, they pray to gods and goddesses of whited sepulchres. The crystal logic of frost and fire will be theirs, but not today. Today, they wait. Healing through fire is for another time.

The defender of the crown is rather displeased his temple is occupied by travellers of the cloven hoof, the highest and holiest members of the caravan beyond redemption. In the rectory of the bizarre reverend at the heart of new Jerusalem, he tells his minions to rid the wanderers. Indeed, do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law has no place here. The atomic secret is safe under these halls of purity and the ethereal mirror always reflects the devil you know. As hymns to the stone are sung, the minions demand departure. On blessed black wings, the shaman of motion pull up stakes, leave new Jerusalem, and make way for high country, where they, at least, will find respite from the tyranny of the hunter, he who is known as defender of the crown. The foundations of burden are known to these toing and froing folk.

To be continued…

And, yes, all this was to tee up the new single, “Dunerider,” from doom metal luminaries Goatess. Say Goatess: “‘Dunerider’ is one of the first songs we wrote for the album. It was done before Karl Buhre joined the band and we had no idea how the vocal line was gonna sound. But the first time we played it through with Karl, he improvised lyrics and it really gave us a boost of confidence, like: “despite this line up change, we’ve still got it going and we can make a new record.” We could indeed, and now we have an album’s worth of songs, ready to unleash onto the world! We feel that ‘Dunerider’ combines the Goatess signature sound with Karl’s stoner and somewhat eerie vocal delivery.”

** Goatess’ new album, Blood and Wine, is out September 27th on Svart Records. Pre-orders for CD and LP (in limited edition gold) are HERE.