Track Premiere: Hagzissa – ‘Moonshine Glance (An Iron Seed in Sour Soil)’

Hagzissa formed in 2016,  and released their four song demo the following year. Featuring several members of black metal outliers Kringa, Hagzissa’s sound proved to be just as fresh and intoxicating. Their debut promo tape was reissued by Iron Bonehead soon after Hagzissa’s self-released copies sold out quickly, and the anticipation for this full length has been bubbling and nearly boiling over ever since. 

The release of They Ride Along is still a month away, but today we’re psyched to bring you a sneak preview of the forthcoming debut album from Hagzissa. Equal parts weird and familiar, on “Moonshine Glance,” Hagzissa spike first wave Eastern European black metal with a potent and heady dose of modern aggression for an intoxicating effect.

“This second song off our debut album is already rather old,” according to B. Moser, Hagzissa’s vocalist and founding member. “In fact, it is the second one I ever wrote and a song that turned out to be very, very formative. I never really changed something crucial, but it took me years to finish it. The lyrics have been written while being affected with Most, a traditional Upper Austrian crisp apple-wine and are loaded with images of rural primitive magic that is of pitchest black. You will understand me here. In one’s eyes, the moonshine glance appears when the night turns clear and bright and you’re truly ready to embrace her luring and the swarming evil sprites. This is both a blessing and a curse — these spells are meant to reap.”

“Moonshine Glance (An Iron Seed in Sour Soil)”



Get They Ride Along August 23rd on CD and vinyl LP formats from Iron Bonehead.

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