Demo:listen: Sedimentum

Sedimentum are a new, four-piece death metal band from Québec City. Their demo is less than a month old but already its victims number in the hundreds. The four track debut moved through the underground with the unstoppable force and flawless execution of an apex predator unleashed into an unsuspecting new biome. It has no name, except simply Demo, but Sedimentum’s opening demonstration counts seventeen minutes of solid, must-hear death metal.

“We all listen to death metal on a daily basis and just wanted to try something fun all together!,” says guitarist/vocalist A.E. Along with bassist/vocalist M.L. and drummer N.C., A.E. also plays in a grindcore band called KickxAssxViolence. Sedimentum’s other guitarist plays in Outre-Tombe, but also in Saccage with N.C. These facts considered together and the drilling, heavy onslaught of Sedimentum’s death metal style starts to make sense. This does nothing to alleviate the intense pressure on both sides of your skull, but it is worth knowing that these guys are all buds, and they know what they’re doing, and they’re having fun at that! 

N.C. explains that Sedimentum recorded their demo at “one of M.L’s jamspace with the help of [their] good friend Alexandre Landry,” while “the Wizard Jack Moose” mixed and mastered the four songs. 

“We did the whole thing in maybe 8-10 hours,” recalls A.E. “First the instrumentals (in a live setup) and then the vocals for M.L and I after that. In our head it was not going to sound this much crushing. Funny fact; we all learned new instruments for this demo but U.N. N.C who usually plays guitar does the drum[s] for Sedimentum. Same for M.L who plays the drums in KickxAssxViolence and myself who plays the bass… So, the true raw playing comes from [each member having] only about 8 months on a new instrument. We wanted to make something real! And the bass tone? A simple cranked up SansAmp through a good old Musicman head. And do not underestimate some fresh new strings…”

A.E. goes on to describe Sedimentum’s spontaneous start and writing style.

“We started the moment we decided to learn something new. Most of it was made by U.N but everyone pitches in to change some bits and upgrade the whole thing, U.N tends more to write the crushing power chords riffs while I like to put some doom elements here and there. After this is done M.L and I try some vocals and that’s it.” 

“‘L’océan Encéphalique’ straight up talks about cannabis mostly. The first riff is such a great opener, and that whole song got everything; a good opening riff, some fast changes, slow riffs and a fuckin ugly war metal-ish solo… you name it. It had to be the [opening track].”

“‘Momifié dans la vase’ [was] written by U.N. It is the story of someone who drowns in a lake of mud then he is momified and absorbed by this lake. It is your classic drenched in shit death metal song!!”

“‘Décimation Lente’ is personally my favorite, it’s super catchy too,” A.E. laughs. “It is the end of the human race has we know it. A virus is reborn and takes over the planet for good. M.L wrote this one and got most of the ideas for the vocal parts. Like you mentioned, it sounds like tidal waves, and it was probably the main goal for this one.

“‘Un cycle tourmenté’ is the story of how one cycle goes and comes again. This is also why it is the last song. It’s just the fact that history repeats itself, basically it’s that the planet is doomed and everything will die at some point to be reborn again, over and over… The pained screams just came naturally, it seemed appropriate.”

“We put the demo on Bandcamp on a Friday at 6 am with absolutely no expectations whatsoever,” A.E. says. “We knew that our friends here in QC would like and maybe share it, but we wouldn’t have thought that we would have tapes, LPs and CDs done in 2 days…. And a label like Iron Bonehead, we couldn’t have better than this to start our adventure. Tapes are coming in August, vinyls I’d say maybe September but I’m not quite sure. They’re up for preorder though at Fucking Kill Records.”

For those in the area, A.E. says “[Sedimentum’s] first gig is December 21 . . . in the province of QC.” He adds: “We got some interesting offers that we had to decline but once it’s the right time, people will see us for sure. Our next release will come out this winter, a second demo . . .”