Track Premiere: Shock Narcotic – ‘Erratic Smearing Vitals’

Photo: Aaron Jones

Shock Narcotic are barely a year old. Think about it: you were still totally shitting yourself when you were barely year old. So this new grind collective featuring former Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Jeff Tuttle, Child Bite vocalist Shawn Knight, current Shit Life/former the Black Dahlia Murder drummer Zach Gibson and Battlecross bassist Don Slater, are way more “mature” that you were at that age. That hasn’t stopped them from recording a 14-track debut LP, I Have Seen the Future and It Doesn’t Work (out August 16 on Housecore), which includes the tune, “Erratic Smearing Vitals,” which we have below to assault your earholes below.  But first, our fave grinding “one-year-old” weigh in for context.

“This one is about having the worst psychedelic trip of your life; the kind where your mind goes down a rabbit hole of ever-increasing hyper-awareness & you feel like you’re in a never-ending nightmare,” says guitarist Shawn Knight. “The kind of trip that has you absolutely convinced that you’re dying, but in the most spectacular, incomprehensible way possible.”

“When I write, I tend to disregard genre and concern myself more with encapsulating a musical representation of an emotional cognition,” offers Jeff Tuttle. “As a whole, Shock Narcotic is an expression of existential dread and nihilistic thought, and this song is meant to reflect what giving in to hopelessness might sound like.”

Preorder I Have Seen The Future And It Doesn’t Work here and here.