Video Premiere: Sludgehammer Covers Peter Gabriel. You Know Which Song…

I don’t know a whole lot about Toronto’s Sludgehammer despite my being a lifelong resident of the Greater Toronto Area which just goes to show you that proximity doesn’t automatically equate with intimate knowledge. So, next time some geezer from the Bay Area tell you he grew up exchanging backwash beers with Hetfield and the boys, take it with a grain of salt unless he can point himself out in one of the photos in Murder in the Front Row. Anyhow, as Sludgehammer is still in the early days of promoting the melodic ‘n’ groovin’ thrash/death metal of their self-released second album, Antechamber (originally released this past April) we caught wind of something we felt needed sharing. No disrespect to the hard work they obviously put into the thunderous sonic storm of the album, but when a band called Sludgehammer covers the Peter Gabriel classic “Sledgehammer,” well, we’re not going to ignore such simplistic brilliance.

When we asked the band for some insight as to an obvious move they’d likely been planning since the day they decided on Sludgehammer as a moniker, this is the emailed response we received:

“After many drunken fan requests, many misspelled marquee billings and many hours spent researching the legalities, we at Sludgehammer are moderately delighted to release our ‘Sledgehammer’ cover. Peter Gabriel is our band’s inspiration; he has influenced every riff, blast beat and vocal harmony that we’ve created. We hope this does him some justice we hope you enjoy this as much as we did.”

Here’s the video, which hilariously and liberally borrows from the original:

We’d be remiss if we didn’t give a nod to the band’s original din:

Also, let it be known to our readers and friends living on the western half of the North American continent that the band will be performing at this year’s edition of the Loud as Hell Fest in Drumheller, Alberta alongside Goatwhore, Anciients, Cloven Hoof, and more. Details can be found at

Antechamber is available for download and streaming on the following platforms:

And you can follow ‘em and wait for their next Peter Gabriel cover on: