Full Album Stream: Celestial Grave – “Secular Flesh”

Three years ago, Celestial Grave’s demo, Burial Ground Trance, took the underground by surprise—as good demos will do. Because Celestial Grave were backed by Iron Bonehead, one of the most influential names in the underground, their demo tape garnered a lot of attention, but rightfully so. This anonymous Finnish duo bring forth from some unknown corner of Hell an especially heavy and ritualistic form of atmospheric black metal. Their demo as well as their follow up 7”, Pvtrefactio, cemented Celestial Grave as a band worth watching. Now we are mere days from the release of Secular Flesh, Celestial Grave’s debut full length.  

Containing four serpentine beyond-black metal epics, Secular Flesh is a challenging and dense yet instantly captivating album. More than a band to watch out for, Celestial Grave are hereby a band worthy of reverence. 

Secular Flesh



Get Secular Flesh this Friday on CD and vinyl LP formats from Iron Bonehead.