Track Premiere: Satan’s Taint – ‘Desecration’

Let’s just get it out the way: This band’s name… clearly has… “Satan” in it! How fucked up is that?! Anyway, the band also clearly has ex-Overkill guitarist Bobby Gustafson in it as well. In fact, it’s been Gustafson’s solo thrash project since 2014. Now the six-stringer is preparing to drop the first new Satan’s Taint material since 2017 in the form of Destruction Ritual. The record will be out August 2 via legendary thrash home Megaforce, but Decibel’s got a brand new track called “Desecration” to keep you in check. Gustafson fills in the details.

“I picked ‘Desecration’ as a single first because I felt it best represented my old style with a new feel,” he says. “The other reason would be the powerful imagery [that] the lyrics paint. You can imagine being part of a Viking raid. Sailing to new lands and stealing riches and returning to you own shores to share the stories. We recorded it in as much of the old style of set-up-and-play-together as we could. Me on all guitar and bass and [drummer] Jim [McCourt] playing by himself to a click track and scratch track of guitar.”