Video Premiere: Malfet – ‘Briosque Juvenis’

The California-based dungeoneer Malfet released their debut tape The Snaking Path in March 2018. Inspired by the legendary knight Sir Launcelot, Malfet’s debut tape was a rarely evocative and uplifting experience, not unlike strolling through the forest alone.

Northeast Dungeon Siege MMXIX, The Raven Worcester, MA 3/31/19; photo by Hillarie Jason.

Then, earlier this year, Malfet went on to give one of the most energetic and entrancing performances at Northeast Dungeon Siege, the first all-dungeon synth musical festival. Before a backdrop that foreshadowed the very video we’re premiering today, Malfet performed flawlessly, captivating the audience and transporting us to a land and time before all the magic of the world was chased into hiding.

Today, we have the pleasure of premiering a video for a new song from the forthcoming Malfet full length. From The Way to Avalon, this is . . .

Briosque Juvenis

The Way to Avalon comes out July 1st on Pacific Threnodies.

Preorder it now.