Track Premiere: Pale Misery – “No Choice”

Pale Misery, photo cred Robley Dupleix

Black Candles and Gutter Scum. The album title from Louisiana antagonists Pale Misery invokes images of hidden rituals and down ‘n’ out despondence. From the album’s first harrowing swell of synth and feedback you can smell the incense swirling from dark rooms and the puke curdling in cobblestone streets. Pale Misery’s blackened crust roars from the first breath of “No Choice.” The guitar’s buzzsaw bite inspires headbanging alongside toxic snarls as their sludgy groove gives way to discordant blasts. The record’s raw riffs drip with menace and venom, but “No Choice” has more on its mind than the next circle pit.

“’No Choice’ says it all; clear and concise,” comments Pale Misery. “Chaos, desperation, grief, and where one chooses to reside in the midst of it all. The fight to survive turns a blind eye to morality. Will you choose to live or die?”

Some choices are difficult. This isn’t one of them. Press play below and spend your next three minutes in Pale Misery’s pitch-black crust scrum. Listen to “No Choice” before the band releases Black Candles and Gutter Scum on May 31st.

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