Full Demo Stream: Black Mold – “Tales of Degradation”

Following up their 2018 demo Atavism, the mysterious Portuguese blackened punk band Black Mold are set to release their second demo, this one dubbed Tales of Degradation. In conspiracy with international extreme metal cartel Helldprod Records, Tales of Degradation drops this Friday on cassette, limited to 80 copies.

On Tales of Degradation you’ll be treated to four raging tracks of neck-stomping blackened filth. Best part is you can actually hear what the band are doing. The curtain of lo-fi static is drawn to reveal a sound that embodies the band’s Satanic nature and their no doubt degenerate lifestyles. Somewhere between Panzerfaust and Poison Idea grows deadly Black Mold.

“Black Mold stands for nothing,” according to the band themselves. “Tales of Degradation is just one step forward in this cathartic journey into oblivion, through darkness and hatred. Uncompromised and primitive, this demo compiles 4 obnoxious songs pointed towards the Black Mold’s inner abyss.”

Tales of Degradation


Preorder Tales of Degradation here.