Full Album Stream: Vale – “Burden of Sight”

Photo: Cody Stein

Vale‘s 2017 self-titled demo introduced the world to the crust-infested black metal group, showcasing four energizing tracks, which comes as little surprise given that Vale share members with Ulthar, Void Omnia, Abstracter and Atrament. Their follow up to that demo comes in the form of Burden of Sight, Vale’s debut record that expands on their demo.

Vocalist Kate Coysh deserves special mention for her bloodcurdling shriek throughout the record, giving each song extra emotional weight while also demonstrating a recognizable vocal style. Whether you’re here for slow crust or galloping black metal, it can be found on Burden of Sight. 

“We wrote a record that was reflecting what was crashing down around us in real time,” Vale tell Decibel. “The album’s dystopian world view is a stone’s throw away from the reality of the current state of destruction that so many of us face. It’s a scream of anguish after a fatal blow, knowing all other hope is already lost.”

Burden of Sight is out May 24 on The Flenser, but you can listen to it early below.