Track Premiere: Python “Aeons Has Fallen”


When the Anja Offensive approached Decibel to premiere the second track — the first track “Night Takes All” hit Soundcloud a month ago (HERE) — from Python’s new album, Astrological Warfare, we could hardly say no. While there are many bands of note with the Python name in metaldom, none of them — the Swedish one comes close (HERE) — hold a black ever-burning candle to the Italians under the spell of Python. See, those not in the know (and there are plenty at the moment), the Italy-based Python are a fragment of a different era. A time when the digital age was coming to be, an hour so far back sound carriers of the day were made of the joys of polyvinyl chloride resin, when artwork was almost the only thing on a 12×12 surface that communicated what lay between the holder and the messenger. Yes, Python sound old and smell of things vintage, imbued with aged smoke, an old, dirt-bottomed basement, or maybe of the ink on the cardboard sleeve itself.

The Anja Offensive posits Python’s rock as coming from the veins, the bell-bottoms, and Chelsea boots of the mid-’70s. Or, more specifically, from sonic progenitors in: Paul Chain, The Black (Italy), and The Mezmerist, who appeared much later on. That’s exactly what is in store for the curious and adventurous in Python’s new track, “Aeons Has Fallen.” Rife with fuzzy guitars, dust, distant vocals, and the hum of tube amps, “Aeons Has Fallen” signals musical exploration when the first blossoms of heavy were observed, pondered, and crafted upon for years to come in the clouds of the unknown.

Says Python to Decibel: “Python debuts ‘Aeons Have Fallen’ as the reflection through metaphysical sound and sight referring to what Crowley called the Aeon of the Child. The somber and often haunting frequencies summon two thousand years of self-actualization through the unveiling of this ‘terrible child.’ Paying respects to our Mediterranean past and staying true to solar philosophical lyrical content, Python grows within its Psychedelic, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal approach, still delivering depravity and primitive, yet sophisticated song structures to deliver the message to the Thelemites and Neophytes. The hand of Sicilian doom creeps forward into the abyss as the reign of Horus still takes root.”

Behold! Python is upon you! You can thank us later via various and severely alcoholic libations.

** Python’s new album, Astrological Warfare, is out on Anja Offensive (AVAILABLE HERE) and AnnapurnA (AVAILABLE HERE) on June 6th. Obey the ritual! Worship the master!