Full Album Stream: Ossuaire – “Premiers Chants”

The debut full length from Montreal’s Ossuaire comes out today on Sepulchral Productions. With their 2016 demo tape, La Diatribe Infernale, Ossuaire established themselves as a band to watch. Almost three years later, with the release of Premiers Chants, Ossuaire make good on the promise of their demo.

Premiers Chants comprises six tracks of relentless black metal, part Quebecois-style atmospheric black metal, part timeless black metal evisceration. With a focus on “recounting the major events [that contributed] to the downfall of Christianity and the rise of heresy,” Premiers Chants is the first of two concept albums to be released by the Montreal-based quartet.

Premiers Chants


Get Premiers Chants today from Sepulchral Productions.

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