Video Premiere: Moulin Banal – ‘Labourez!’

Moulin Banal are a Montreal-based black metal duo. The familiar Comte Bergaby of Shezmu, Sadomagickal Seducer, etc. stands responsible for the black metal side of Moulin Banal, while his bandmate from War Slaves, C. Carignan, handles the other half of Moulin Banal. That is their acoustic side. Moulin Banal’s debut, Le Rythme du Maréchal Ferrant (The Rhythm of the Blacksmith), is six tracks, seventeen minutes long. Produced by Bergaby, Moulin Banal’s debut plays out as an alternately snowblind and adventurous black metal and a lo-fi peasant folk album, somewhere between Isengard, Fortreresse, and Wagner Ödegård. Irresistibly singular, devilishly brief, Le Rythme du Maréchal Ferrant demands and continuously rewards repeat listens. Too bad most of us slept on the tape that Corde Raide put out early this year.

But thankfully Grey Matter Productions are honoring Le Rythme du Maréchal Ferrant with a vinyl repress. 100 copies on 12” vinyl with an etching on the B-side. Here’s the opening banger from Moulin Banal’s debut, just to fan the flames even more . . .



“‘Labourez!’ is a descriptive monologue on hunger and thirst,” writes Comte. “It grasps the feelings that you go through when forced to give [away] the results of your labour. Of course, the meaning is taken in a historical context for this song but the same feelings are still present to this day with the system we are all [in]. The song reflects the small rewards that come out of work.”

Preorder Le Rythme du Maréchal Ferrant from Grey Matter Productions now.

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