Full Album Stream: Deathwomb – “Moonless Night Sacraments”

Deathwomb debuted in 2017 with a four song demo which we covered on Demo:listen, when the demo was yet only a month old. At the end of the interview Deathwomb (then a duo) mentioned that the band itself would be growing, and that they would be starting work on a debut full length. Well, here we are, about a year and a half later, about to drop the exclusive stream for Deathwomb’s debut LP, Moonless Night Sacraments, out this Friday on CD and LP formats from Iron Bonehead.

Moonless Night Sacraments counts ten tracks of powerful black death primitivism. Bearing no interludes, no chances for reprieve, Moonless Night Sacraments is just whip stroke after infernal whip stroke of sulfurous black metal mixed by a dread sorcery with lycanthropic death metal. Deathwomb show little progress from their demo, they’ve just written and recorded 8 new tracks of what two years ago we called “pure evil, raging . . . black death.” As prophesied, Deathwomb stayed the course with their sound, and their debut full length absolutely reigns with bloody claws and endless fangs over all other acts attempting this vintage approach.

The band says: “Moonless Night Sacraments is the epitome of our [darkest] and most intense energies materialized to create a raw piece of barbaric and hypnotic black metal to bring you into a cataleptic trance surrounded by primitive hammers blasting your brain, mesmerizing mid tempos replete [with] unholy melodies and whispering chanting infecting your soul until your downfall to the evil and primordial one.”

Moonless Night Sacraments



Get Moonless Night Sacraments this Friday from Iron Bonehead.