Album Premiere: Sólveig Matthildur “Constantly In Love”

Sólveig Matthildur

Icelandic singer/songwriter Sólveig Matthildur isn’t a known quantity in the metal world, but that’s about to change — in a positive way — via the streaming of her brand-new album, Constantly In Love, out April 19th via Canadian indie Artoffact Records. While the press release drops names like Massive Attack and Portishead CDs — as environmental influence (or detritus) — Matthildur’s careful synthetic romp around feelings of isolation, loneliness, and heartbreak is less than its proposed input. Less in the way that Matthildur has minimized her soundscapes, recalling a blend of Tangerine Dream bomb “Love on a Real Train” and Aurora Aksnes’ disembodied cover of Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy.”

Says Sólveig of Constantly In Love: “I wrote most of this album alone in my room, with bottles of red wine and my synthesizers. Living with the fear of being hurt, I was fleeing every opportunity that could lead to some sort of joy, breaking everything around me before it would break me. Because, if I will never again lust, will I ever again hurt?

“I had a hard time sleeping. I had this constant weird fear of not waking up again if I’d fall asleep. While I slept I had very deep and vivid dreams and was inspired by them to write this album. I was so sad when I woke up, realizing how limiting reality really is. This is my attempt to let my dreams and my reality become one, in the form of sound waves.”

Indeed, Sólveig has succeeded, crafting an album that’s one brain in the dream world, one brain in reality. The split has created a haunting if sometimes playful score to life, where sometimes the things that bring us down need some lift and the things that we’d otherwise prefer to keep hidden our subconscious desires. The center of Sólveig’s immaculate economy on Constantly In Love isn’t her synth work — from sci-fi like soundscapes to gothic overtures with distilled hip-hop beats — but her vocals. Raw, invited, and soaring between the physical and meta-physical, Sólveig shows she’s no stranger to her own plight.

Mondays aren’t the best of days, but Sólveig’s Constantly In Love will help us get through the rest of the week, thankfully unaware of the dangers and pitfalls that befall us on our weekly sojourn to the next week of our lives. Live through Constantly In Love

** Sólveig Matthildur’s new album, Constantly In Love, is out April 19th on Artoffact Records. Vinyl, CD, and t-shirt bundles available HERE. Or, check out the album widget HERE.