Full Album Stream: American War Machine — ‘Unholy War’

A band drawing together members of such legendary, paradigm smashing outfits as Only Living Witness, Agnostic Front, Slapshot, Blood for Blood, Intent to Injure, and Freya is bound to set expectations incredibly high, but on its ferocious, enlivening full-length debut American War Machine make soaring over every hurdle conjecture, prejudgment, and assumptions set in its way look all too easy: Unholy War is a peerlessly constructed, viciously executed slab of roots-heavy punk hardcore leavened with Discharge-style maelstroms, snarling Motorhead damn-the-torpedos drive, and old school Sick of it All edge-of-control riffage.

Oh, and the thing doesn’t flag — like at all — throughout its twelve relentless tracks. All of which you can check out below ahead of the album’s Friday release.

“For me, making this record was necessary and therapeutic,” vocalist Truth tells Decibel. “I needed an outlet to release some anger. That said, I had a blast making it — even brutality can be fun when you’re working with friends!”