Neolithic – Recommended if You Like Death, D-Beat and Darkness

Are you into new old-school death metal but don’t want it to sound too derivative of the classics? Do you like dark hardcore but wish it had an extra deathy punch to it? That’s good! Because Baltimore, Maryland’s Neolithic is ready to independently unleash their self-titled EP on April 12.

As you can hear from “Entropy of Totality” below, the band plays a form of death metal that pays homage to some of the old Gods (especially Bolt Thrower), but definitely has a His Hero Is Gone-vibe to it as well. But it’s executed in a way that comes off naturally, with nothing sounding straining or forced.

Fun fact, the band’s vocalist is Evan Harting, one of the founders of Maryland Deathfest. So now, in addition to some of the best festivals in the world of metal, Evan and his fellow scene veterans (from bands like Ruiner and Pulling Teeth) are ready to start bringing the riffs as well!