For Those About to Squawk: Theories, Big Business, Glitter Wizard

What’s up, foos? I hope you’re ready to exercise your necks and livers at the Decibel Magazine Metal and Beer Fest. Here’s all of the new things that are fittin’ to come out.

So, Big Business are a 2 piece band. They’re a good band. They are a “hard rock” band (I’m sure they’d be BUMMED to hear that I typed that). They have a KILLER back catalog, and now they have a new record called The Beast You Are on Joyful Noise. So here’s the deal with this band. They make a hellacious racket for a two piece. A kind of sludge, rock, post-whatever that’s SOMEWHAT akin to Melvins (which both guys were members of for a time). Fitting this band into a neat little genre specific box is pretty difficult. So here’s a (very) brief review of this. This is cool, the overall production isn’t present enough for me. There are some triumphant parts that are killer and overall the songs and riffs kick some feathered ass but this is a little lackluster due to the production. Good to hear they’re back though.

5 Fucking Pecks.

Seattle grinders Theories are back (FINALLY) with Vessel on Corpse Flower Records. I love this band, and think they’ve never gotten their due. Vessel is a nasty piece of work. There’s trem-picked riffs, blasts, growls, mosh riffs, some beat downs, everything that goes into making a great grind record. The drums are a little high in the mix, but this eschews any fancy production and goes for the jugular (that guitar tone!). I’m pecking digging this!

7 Fucking Pecks

I HAVE to check out a band called Glitter Wizard. I mean, who wouldn’t? So this is like hard rock, psych, stoner. So here’s my immediate reaction to Opera Villains, their new full length. I like it, it’s cool, HOWEVER, there seems to be A LOT missing here in the recording. There seems to be lo-fi vibe to this that doesn’t quite translate. As far as the music, it’s rocking, definitely vintage ’70s-style rock. This band has a TON of influences and they all shine here without sounding derivative. Apparently they have a pretty wild live show which one can imagine by listening to this. So, chug a Pabst and lighten up, will ya? This is fun.

6 Fucking Pecks

JUST SO YOU KNOW… there are still tickets to Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest in Philadelphia April 13-14th. Baroness, Deafheaven, Triptykon and Obituary (performing Cause of Death), plus a TON more… Oh and BEER! Get your tickets here, foo…

Waldo out!