Full Album Stream: Suffering Hour – “Dwell”

This Friday, across all formats, Blood Harvest will release Suffering Hour’s follow-up to their 2017 debut full length, In Passing Ascension. The new release Dwell constitutes an eighteen minute song like some heroic long poem in dedication to death, set to the band’s unique approach to blackened atmospheric death metal.

The US-based trio begun their covert domination in 2014, although bassist/vocalist DsG, drummer/vocalist IsN, and guitarist/vocalist YhA have been playing together since at least 2012, however under another name. Their debut full length under the name Suffering Hour earned the significant critical praise.

They also toured on In Passing Ascension, and anyone who’s witnessed Suffering Hour rip and blast through their songs live can attest to the trio’s psychic tightness. Dwell is yet another result of this bond. These eighteen minutes fly by as Suffering Hour kidnap your attention, taking you through subterranean passages, over dizzying mountain peaks, and straight into the molten heart of a doomed planet.

“We are proud to present our newest recorded offering entitled Dwell,” Suffering Hour’s bassist/vocalist DsG writers. “Dwell is an EP manifested as one 18 minute long piece. When we were initially working on constructing this massive song we quickly realized it needed to be its own stand alone track as it has its own unique direction that isn’t necessarily indicative of our future sound because we’re always evolving. We feel it’s an extremely cohesive piece that’s meant to be listened through in its entirety. Thanks for all the continued support.”



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