Demo:listen: Persecutor

Persecutor’s Demo 2018 is less than six minutes long, but the Norwegian duo bang out two of the gnarliest death metal songs you’ve ever heard from that side of the Atlantic in just those few minutes. Featuring J. Deströyer (also of Filthdigger and Enter Obscurity) on drums and bass, and D. Necromancer on vocals and guitar, Persecutor raise a hell of a racket for only two dudes. D. Necromancer hails from Scotland, Persecutor’s demo was recorded in Oslo.

J. Deströyer relates via e-mail that Persecutor came together when his other band, Enter Obscurity, played in Oslo with D. Necromancer’s other band, Vuil.

“We hung out and drank whiskey and had a lot of fun at that gig,” J. Deströyer recalls. “And D. Necromancer fixed [Enter Obscurity] some gigs overseas in Scotland and England later that year. Last year we played together in Copenhagen and Gothenburg, and he joined me for a few days in Norway. So, we talked, and he came up with the idea of making a death metal band after the tour and that turned out to be Persecutor.”

The way J. Deströyer tells it, there was never any question that he and D. Necromancer’s band together would play death metal.

“It was a combination of being into early death metal like Autopsy, Possessed, Death, and Repulsion, and newer bands like Mabuse, Obliteration, and Mion’s Hill,” writes J. Deströyer, “and playing in a speed/thrash band back in 2015 and wanting to try new stuff, even though thrash and death metal are kind of the same thing.”

Demo 2018 has that quintessential raw rehearsal space recording vibe, but it also packs a meaty punch. Six minutes doesn’t seem so brief when you’re getting clobbered the whole time. J. Deströyer says they recorded the demo themselves.

“I mixed and mastered it,” he continues. “We just went to my other band’s rehearsal place and put a bunch of rotten mics on the drum kit and we had a little jam . . .” That little jam, he says, turned out to be Demo 2018.

Demo opener “Eternal Decay” starts off with some drum clicks, then a guitar call out, and then all d-beat hell breaks loose. When asked about how this song came together, and what it all means, J. Deströyer writes: “[“Eternal Decay”] was the first song we finished writing and recording. Jammed together and D. Necromancer came up with the riffs. We made a [rough] recording of it and went home to my place and ate pizza and listened to Van Halen.”

The next/closing track, “Fester in Slime,” rips right out of the gates, full of muscle and groove. J. Deströyer says he came up with the intro riff for “Fester in Slime” while “hungover as fuck during breakfast” in Copenhagen.

“It was played fast first and then the bassist from my other band said, ‘play it slower’ and then the riff was perfect for the idea I had,” says J. Deströyer. “I came up with the other riff when we jammed in Oslo after the tour. D. Necromancer made the rest of the riffs. The lyrics are about me choking on my own mucus . . . Let’s just say I had the flu and my nose was dripping constantly. So, I came up with the ‘Fester in Slime’ name and D. Necromancer wrote the lyrics.”

Demo 2018 will come out on tape through Muerto En La Cruz and is available for preorder now.

“I uploaded the demo on Bandcamp [in] late December I think,” writes J. Deströyer. “And when I checked my mail a few days later 4 or 5 labels had contacted me through Bandcamp, and muerto en la cruz was one of them. I was familiar with the label’s work from the past. Released some of my friends’ bands before, and he had the best deal to offer. So, I went with Muerto En La Cruz. And the label is killer of course.”

In the meantime, rest assured, there is more Persecutor on the way. According to J. Deströyer, Persecutor will soon release a split with Italian death metal executioners BOIA, adding that Persecutor will “keep on making more songs,” and they hope to play live in the near future.

Preorder Demo 2018 from Muerto En La Cruz now.