Full Album Stream: Tides of Sulfur – “Paralysis of Reason”

Paralysis of Reason is a frustrated, angry statement directed at the world. The first proper LP—though far from the first release—from UK-based sludge slingers Tides of SulfurParalysis of Reason takes the listener through ugly sludge punk romps and agonizing stretches of hateful doom. From the album’s first and punkiest track, “Worms,” which is over and out in a quick two minutes, to the much-slower “Paralysis of Reason,” Tides of Sulfur’s performance practically leaks frustration. It comes to a head on centerpiece track “DLMM,” which combines throat-destroying vocals with chunky guitars that demand headbanging.

Paralysis of Reason is borne out of necessity. The rage inside us towards the rise of the far right, Brexit and the xenophobia was contained within these 5 songs for the protection of the general public.

Check out the entirety of Paralysis of Reason below. It’s coming out as a collaborative release between Sludgelord, APF and Astral Noize on March 29. It can be purchased via Bandcamp.