Full Album Stream: Nordjevel ‘Necrogenesis’


“Three years of waiting has culminated into razor blade riffs and blistering speeds. The birth of death is upon us, we give you Necrogenesis!” says Nordjevel ringleader DezeptiCunt. There’s nothing hyperbolic in DezeptiCunt’s statement (except for that nom de guerre, natch), as Necrogenesis is a furious venture into the depths of speediest black metal put to digital tape, the likes of which owe homage to Dark Funeral, Marduk, and classic Immortal (when the Occulta bros. weren’t at each others’ intellectual property) in all their fast-as-fuck glory.

Now, Nordjevel aren’t playing around either. In their ranks, they call to arms drummer Dominator — formerly of Dark Funeral — who might just be black metal’s best basher; guitarist Destructhor, the long-time, now-departed axeman (and sideman to the one and only Trey Azagthoth), from death metal legends Morbid Angel; vocalist Doedsadmiral, of Enepsigos fame, a rival to Mortuus’ take-no-prisoners style; and founder DezeptiCunt, formerly of long-standing black metallers Ragnarok. The reconfigured Nordjevel is a beast from the belly of a bigger beast.

Don’t believe us? Take a listen through the Osmose player below. Necrogenesis comes out of the gate with bared teeth, blood-thirsty, and with malice on the mind. Need visual proof? Head over to Youtube after Necrogenesis has played through its hellish duration for a killer video — by ultra-pro Polish studio Grupa13 — to “Amen Whores.” Bask in the lifeforce that is Nordjevel.

** Nordjevel’s new album, Necrogenesis, is out March 29th on Osmose Productions. Fanatics can get Necrogensis on CD jewel case, limited edition CD digipack (with bonus track), limited edition double gatefold vinyl in blood red (with bonus track), limited edition double gatefold vinyl in black (with bonus track), digital, and in limited edition audio tape. Click HERE to imbibe in the blood of the Holiest of Holies.